In Today’s World Sovereignty Is Not Tolerated

john pilger

Interview: JOHN PILGER, war correspondent, journalist and filmmaker As in Greece today, German economic power played a major role in the dismemberment of Yugoslavia – in encouraging Croatia to break away. John Pilger, world-famous war correspondent, journalist and documentarian, started his career as war correspondent back in the time of the Vietnam War. He was…

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NATO exploits Greater Albanian Nationalism

sevim dagdelen

Interview: SEVIM DAGDELEN, MP for the German Left Party (Die Linke) Greater Albanian nationalism is flourishing on this soil, which is being exploited by NATO to discipline Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, and even Greece. I recently criticised the KLA, and subsequently received not only sexist, racist and fascist letters from Greater Albanian nationalists, but even death threats. Furthermore, because I criticised the KLA I was…

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Resistance to the NATO Aggression against Serbia – one of the Battles in the Global War

nato bombing

At the beginning of the NATO aggression in 1999 the Cuban leader Fidel Castro expressed belief that Serbian guerrilla skills, acquired and developed throughout history, will provide dignified resistance to air strikes and a potential ground invasion of the biggest military alliance in the world, behind which stood nineteen world’s most powerful country. On the…

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